With the complexity of windscreens today, we don’t compromise on the quality of our windscreens or the skill of our Technicians. From simple to standard to complex windscreens that require recalibration of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) such as cameras, HUD’s (Heads Up Displays), PG Glass is geared up to solve your glass problem and does so in accordance to international standards and guidelines.

PG Glass uses OE quality Shatterprufe® windscreens, Safevue® aftermarket replacement glass and Dealer OE glass. Shatterprufe® is South Africa’s premier windscreen.


  • We will do all the paper work for you in order to get your claim authorised.
  • The excess payable is determined by your insurance policy.
  • The PG Contact Centre is available 24/7 to help you load your insurance claim.
  • You can also load your insurance claim on the website Load a Claim.


  • You can also buy your windscreen for cash if you are not insured.
  • Phone 0860 04 04 04 to get a quote.
  • We run Cash Specials and Cash Promotions from time to time – click on the PROMOTION tab for more information.

ADAS Calibration/PG Calibration

  • PG Glass is geared up to recalibrate windscreens that are fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
  • It is important to calibrate your windscreen post fitment as the cameras may have shifted which will result in compromised safety whilst driving.
  • Available at selected PG Glass Fitment Centres.

ADAS Calibration 

It takes approximately 60 minutes to replace your windscreen. For your safety and peace of mind - Call us now!