Chip Repair before its too late




In many instances your windscreen does not need to be replaced. Bring your vehicle to your nearest PG Glass Fitment Centre and if our Technicians can repair your windscreen, they will. Trained in the latest methods of windscreen chip repair, our chip repair experts will save you time and money.

Warning! A chip can crack at anytime

  • Chips that are left can crack at any time – simply by driving through a pot hole or over a speed hump can cause a chip to run.
  • The sooner you repair the chip the better the result will be.
  • Chips left unrepaired become contaminated with dust and moisture which will impact on the repair quality.
  • Not all Repair systems are the same – PG Glass uses the global technology leader in windscreen repairs - PG GLASS MEDIC®.
PG Glass Medic® Repairs are EXCLUSIVE to PG Glass – DISCOVER how EASY it is to repair your windscreen – call us now before it is too late!



  • We will always try to repair your windscreen chip rather than replacing it.
  • We use PG Glass Medic® Repair technology which is the global leader in repair technology.
  • The PG Glass Medic® Repair technology is exclusive to PG Glass.
  • The PG Glass Medic® Repair will be virtually invisible – this is dependent on the size and contamination within the chip.
  • The PG Glass Medic® will restore your windscreen to 100% strength and integrity.
  • The PG Glass Medic® will not discolour.
  • A PG Glass Medic® Repair produces less waste than a windscreen replacement.


It only takes 30 minutes to repair your windscreen. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call us now!